With the current economic growth in our Country, aspirations for playing the game of golf, amongst all age groups, has moved far beyond the restricted numbers of the erstwhile “haves”. However, limitations of availability of golf courses and time are a serious deterrent to the aspiring population. Indoor golf has evolved with an intention to address these limitations. Today, there are several systems available, but issues of authenticity, ease in operation and maintenance, which vary drastically, need to be studied in detail in the decision making process.

We at Rohman Resources LLP, have been in the business of promoting the game of golf through the indoor facility route for the last four years in India and are currently representing the following two Companies as exclusive distributors:
• M/s AboutGolf Ltd, USA
• M/s Foresight Sports, USA

Both the Companies have, either through self or through its promoters, been in the business for over 25 years and are represented / recognized globally. The products available are proven for authenticity / accuracy / ease of operation and maintenance other than the fact that they provide ‘real play’ with real golf clubs / balls and the resultant effects on 3D. The products allow all types of use - play / practice / teach / club fit / tournament / fun play.

We at Rohman Resources LLP have effectively executed over 20 installations around India and have successfully conducted over 90 events including participation in most of the official tournaments including Panasonic Open, Avantha Masters, British Open and LG Cup at Qutab Golf Course to name a few.