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Bring your fitting experience to a new level with our iPad™ Performance Fitting app.

Leave the laptop at home. When connected to your GC2a via Bluetooth, our Performance Fitting app instantly delivers the unmatched accuracy of the GC2 and HMT to your Apple iPad™ in stunning clarity. Intuitive, fully-illustrated depictions of ball flight and club head data insure easy analysis of each and every shot. And when the session is done, your final data can be instantly emailed anywhere. The Performance Fitting app by Foresight Sports. You'll never look at club fitting the same way again.

Instant data delivery

See ball flight and club head data the moment you hit a shot when connected to your GC2a Smart Camera System via Bluetooth. See the industry's most comprehensive club head analysis by connecting your HMT - Head Measurement Technology.

Complete, intuitive analysis

View true-to-life trajectory and shot dispersion and review complete ball performance data – including ball speed, launch angle, azimuth, side spin, back spin and ball carry – right at your fingertips. Remove errant shots with a single touch, and easily send final results via email.

Designed for fitting

Our Performance Fitting app was designed from the ground up for fitters. The simple, straightforward interface let's you quickly connect your GC2 and begin hitting shots, or build and select from a library of golfer profiles, clubs, and even golf balls for in-depth comparison and analysis.