About Golf


A pioneer and leading global Company   in the manufacture of “State of the art” Golf simulators with ‘near to zero’ maintenance requirements. The experience provided either in the game or in it’s picturization is the best and as accurate as exists in the actual courses around the world. The additional facilities available with the system includes:

  • AG Links
  • AG Flixs
  • AG Balance
  • AG Games

aboutGOLF Simulators are powered by 3Trak®; aboutGOLF’s patented, three-dimensional, high-speed camera and tracking system. 3Trak® machine vision technology extracts every bit of usable data from dozens of images per shot. It provides accurate ball and club data on any type of shot regardless of speed, spin or launch angle.  The shot is then replicated in the simulator using advanced flight and terrain physics allowing you to see and play the shot as if you were outdoors. The result is the most realistic indoor golf experience possible.


Your home is like no other—customize your aboutGOLF platform to be equally unique with additional courses, games, analytics tools, high-tech features, and more. View a rendering before construction begins and work closely with our design team to build your unique experience. Our designs are custom built for every home to make sure your space is used in the most efficient way possible.